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Apprenticeship Solutions is part of the Aspire Learning & Development Group and offers a unique approach to the recruitment of Apprentices.

Apprenticeship Solutions is an ATA (Apprenticeship Training Agency) specifically designed to support employers who wish to take on an apprentice but are unable to employ them directly, for whatever reason.

Apprenticeship Solutions offers organisations a flexible way to offer apprenticeships as a host employer, with Apprenticeship Solutions dealing with all of the recruitment and employment administration, including payroll & HR.

Our flexible and adaptable approach means that we can work with any Apprenticeship Training Provider and so can work with your apprenticeship training provider of choice or introduce you to one of our quality training provider partners. We will also support you with any administration related to the apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship Solutions for employers

Apprenticeship Solutions take the hassle and risk out of apprenticeship recruitment and employment, which means the opportunity to recruit is not only easier but much more viable for businesses of all sizes.

We will provide employers with as much support as they require through all aspects of the recruitment process – advertising, screening, shortlisting and even interview.

Benefits of using the Apprenticeship Solutions’ service include:

  • You define the role and the wage
  • We advertise, screen, skills test and interview candidates
  • We provide you with a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for your job role
  • We organise the associated government funded training
  • We are responsible for the administration of wages, pensions, tax & National Insurance
  • We work with the chosen training provider in performance management of the Apprentice to ensure high quality training, support and guidance throughout the duration of the Apprenticeship.
  • We will deal with all funding administration and application for any grants and support for you as the host employer.


The Apprenticeship Solutions offer is about providing real flexibility to the delivery of high quality Apprenticeships. This flexibility is not only about the hosting arrangements. We can also support host employers that might only have a need for a part time apprentice to “share” an apprentice.

If you are an employer and would like more information about hosting an apprentice then please call us on 02392 385035 or email

Apprenticeship Solutions for Training Providers

Apprenticeship Solutions can help Training Providers to overcome potential barriers that organisations have to offering apprenticeships.

Our flexible approach allows us to work with any quality training provider on the ROATP and offering any apprenticeship standard in any sector. We adapt to your processes so that you can offer the same quality apprenticeship provision. Our aim is to ensure that there is no difference in the apprenticeship experience of employed and agency apprentices.

Apprenticeship Solutions allows providers the opportunity to discuss an alternative way for organisations to engage with apprentices. This is particularly important during times of economic uncertainty such as the current Covid-19 pandemic whilst still be able to claim the government support on offer.

If you are a provider and would like more information about Apprenticeship Solutions then please call us on 02392 385035 or email

Supporting access to the Kick Start Scheme

Apprenticeship Solutions is working with a number of Kickstart Gateway Organisations to facilitate access to the Kick Start for micro businesses and sole traders.

If you would like more information about how Apprenticeship Solutions can help facilitate access to the Kickstart scheme please call us on 02392 385035 or email

Kick Start is a government funded programme which allows people to gain valuable work experience, earning a wage. The government pays the wage cost, Apprenticeship Solutions employs the person and places them on assignment with employers that wish to offer the work experience but possibly do not run payroll themselves. It is a real job of work with in a real employer.

The aim is that during or on completion of the Kick Start programme the host employer will recognise the contribution of the work placement and will want to employ the person - by this time they will have a great set of skills which will be of interest to any future employer.

What is an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA)

ATAs offer a unique approach to the recruitment of apprentices. They are specifically designed to support employers who wish to take on an apprentice but are unable to employ them directly.

The distinctive feature of the ATA model is that it is the ATA who acts as the apprentice employer and who places them with a host employer. The host employer pays the ATA a fee for the apprentices’ services; this fee being based on the wage agreed with the host and the ATA management fee.

The ATA model offers other benefits for the employer. These include;

  • Support with recruitment – finding the right apprentice to meet the employers’ needs
  • Responsibility for the wages, tax, National Insurance as well as administration and performance management.
  • Supervision of the apprentice during the Apprenticeship period
  • Links with an approved training provider and support to both the apprentice and host employer throughout the Apprenticeship.

The ATA is not a temporary worker business, but rather a means to offer real flexibility in the delivery of a high quality Apprenticeship. This flexibility also applies where employers may not be able to offer all aspects of a framework but linking them with other host employers allows the full range to be covered.

For the young person, the ATA gives another route into an Apprenticeship which can offer them the opportunity to experience a range of employers and increased security around the continuation of their Apprenticeship.

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